Sunday, 26 February 2012

In which the weather warmed up and I spent hours in a freezing box - 365

Friday - Friday is Lily's day of "Home Education" (now it's official) so she and I set off for the Art Museum. It was a multi purpose visit; a learning experience for Lily and I wanted to get a child's perpective of the current exhibition in preparation for the schools workshops I will be holding at the museum next week. There would have been some fantastic shots if I hadn't left the memory card in the computer. I would have loved to have got one of Lily trying out her genius idea of viewing the bold abstract art while spinning - or one of the face on the member of the museum staff who came to tell her to stop. I'm starting to get a bit anoyed with them (the staff not my kids) as this is not the first time that that have interfered with my kids enjoment of art.

Saturday- Sauna (& beer), Settlers and Sleepover (codeword for "lots of red wine")

 Sunday - Snow Party

 Monday - Bus Stop

Tuesday - Back a the Art Museum

Wednesday - Frozen Clothes Animation Workshop - Day 1 - FREEZING
                         Now that the temperature has risen to just below freezing I step inside a refregerated container
                        (-20 celcius) and will do so for the coming 4 days.

Thursday - "The Night is Red" (and filled with fur coats) - I finally realised that the symphony costs less than the cinema when you are a student in Oulu - we will be going more often.

Friday - Frozen Clothes Animation Workshop - Day 3 - Script Writing

Saturday - Frozen clothes Animation Workshop - Day 4 - Shooting

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