Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sunday Projects - Animation Edition

Inspired by the animation workshop, Lily and I decided to take our camera use to a whole new level. Gabor took Ernest to visit te neighbours while we got to work (Ernest leaving was necessary because he kept squashing our actors).

It's pretty impressive what you can do with a camera blue-tacked to a table and some free software.

In which we consider moving to Denmark - 365

Sunday (19th February - oh dear, I am about 3 weeks behind)

Full animations can bee seen here 

Monday - Frozen clothes Animation Workshop - Day 5 - Editing



  Oulu International Children's Theatre Festival

Friday (please ignore the missing Thursday - I'm bored of the FAIL picture)

 I think I mentioned recently that the cold weather is twisting my mind into finding long johns and woolen socks sexy.


                                       Terje Isungset - Composition and Percussion
                                       Mari Kvien Brunvoll - Voice
                                       Eric Mutel - Instuments/Sculpture and Lighting

                                       On BBC World News

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