Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Minus 30 degrees (Celsius) does strange things to the mind; I have begun to find long-johns and woollen socks sexy. My being is split between the urge to make a nest of blankets and burrow in until spring (or until it is -20 at the very least) and the need to prove that the weather will not stop me. KEEP WARM & CARRY ON. The societal pressure to do the latter is immense. Finns need to demonstrate how hardy they are and us not-quite-Finns need to prove that we can keep up.

I remember some family members in Hungary complaining about “those lazy Greeks” when the Greek economy was going to shit – then those same family members complaining that it was too hot to do anything during the summer heat. I think the southern Europeans have it right with siesta; sleep through the hashed weather. All the wildlife around us here is doing the same (well all but the Great Tit, but their idiocy is implied in their name).

Today I finally succumbed to hibernation. It was -32o (-45o taking the wind chill into account), apparently this is my limit. I didn’t go to university, Lily didn’t go to school. We stayed home and watched Star Wars and ate pancakes. At times I stared out the window at the pretty sunshine making everything glow and glisten, almost fooled into believing in its warmth and stepping outside to bask in the rays (and soak up some much lacking vitamin D). Instead I put on the kettle for tea and popped a couple of fish oil capsules. 

Sleeping was assisted (not that any assistance was really needed) by the muscle relaxant pills I have to take for my neck, drowsiness is a major side effect. The doctor told me that my neck pain is common among students; it comes from sitting at the computer too much and is aggravated by the cold. There wasn’t really any preventative advice which leaves me with a bit of a problem – I’m not going to stop being a student any time soon it’s winter in Finland, it’s cold. Perhaps Hibernating until spring is the only thing to do after all.

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