Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Magic of Science - 356

Lily goes to school for about 4 hours each day, sleeps for about 11 hours and for the other 9 hours (you could say) she is unschooled. Some days, like today, we just skip the school part and make Wizard Potions instead.

* Ok, so it is only I have bent the rules already, I am doing the 365 project to try to improve my picture taking but in sem ways I am a bit of a prefectionist. I didn't get the shot I wanted that captured the drama of the foam and the expressions of the kids. Even with the 3 pictures I don't think  have managed to show how engaged and excited both kids were.

Maybe this one:

        ...but I had hoped to get one of Lily, since it was her experiment. If you have any tips for photographing active kids I would be really greatful.

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