Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A bad day is a good day for something new.

We got a new camera. We got it for Yule. It arrived yesterday. Yesterday was not Yule. Yesterday was Monday.

I had a New Year Project planned, a 365 day (well 366) photo blog, but it has transformed into a 17th January project which is even better. The 17th January is known as Blue Monday* - well at least it was last year, this year Blue Monday is on the 23rd, but I can't wait that long so I will go with last years date even though it is Tuesday today - anyway, it is said to be the most depressing day of the year (I guess among countries in the Northern Hemisphere that celebrate Christmas) which to me makes it a good day for something new**.

So, I shall start. Introductions are a good start.

This Ernest who doesn't like to have his picture taken.
This is Lily who does.
This is Gábor who tolerates my photographing of him - at least for now (this is only day 1 after all).

These people will likely feature often.

It seems only fair that there should be a picture of me included here in this introduction round so...

This is me.
It's not a big picture because it wasn't taken by me or with my pretty new camera (rather it is of me with my new camera). It is also small because I don't like photos of me, I definetly have a prefered side of the camera. My face will not feature here often.

What a treat you*** have had with this first post. You got 3 (+1) photos today. From now on there will be but one photo each day (unless I change my mind).


*Blue Monday is not real, I mean it isn't really the most depressing day of the year. It was created by Sky Travel in order to sell holidats to people who believe it when someone tells them their life is crap and that you can make it better with a trip to the Canary Islands.

**Yes, I just completely made up some "just because" justification for starting today when really the reason is just that my camera arrived yesterday.

***I say you as though I am actually a bit full of myself and writing to an audience but this project is more for me but you can view/read along too if you like. You are welcome.

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anni said...

Kiva! Looking forward to see/ read more.. :) greetings!

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