Thursday, 8 September 2011


I am on a serious winning streak apparently. This morning I got an email from jojoebi at A Bit of This & A Bit of That telling me I had won the book "Playful Learning" by Mariah Brueh in the blog tour giveaway. I had come across the Playful Learning blog when a crafty blog I read advertised a photo/visual journal course for kids. Although I couldn't do the course with Lily (lack of funds again...sometimes I really hate being poor), the stuff Mariah does looked interesting and when her book came out I followed along on the blog tour. The prize not only included the book but also a place on her Playful Learning Spaces eCourse.So  I will be doing a course with her after all.

Thank you Mariah and Jojoebi for the prizes.


jojoebi said...

I am doing the course too!

Camilleta said...


Thanks for the comment, you are completely right. I am assuming she will cry because she cried when I tried to leave her at the gym daycare, but that was months ago and this is a fresh start. Hopefully I can have a really positive attitude and she'll be fine this time around!!

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