Tuesday, 13 September 2011

I ♥ free food.

Last Monday when I took Lily to school I was greeted by my dear friend Päivi, with a bag of delicious treats. This summer she has rented a garden and has been growing (among other things) various salad leaves, peas and beans (which is what my gift bag contained. As I cycled home through the forest I couldn't resist stopping for some blueberries...the season is almost over and I had a spare bag so really I had to. Sometime later I emerged from the forest with about 700g of blueberries and continued on my way home. By this point I was obsessed, I HAD to pick some rhubarb (1kg) from in front of my balcony before going inside and on my way to university an hour later I had to stop to gather some lingonberries (aprox 600g). 

I am starting to gather various contacts for getting free food/food where I know its story. This weekend my whole family went north to help harvesting Sari’s grandparents’ potatoes, for our help we got some of the delicious potatoes . 

Also, the father of some of Gábor’s Hungarian students is a full time software engineer/part time wheat farmer; his grain has been harvested ready to be milled in the winter. After telling him about how Gábor has been baking our bread since being back in Finland he has offered us flour once it is milled.

I have been re-watching River Cottage (season 2) with Ernest recently; he likes to watch the animals and I like to dream of days that might be. Days when all our food will be grown ourselves, collected from the wild or bartered with friends.

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