Sunday, 13 February 2011

Today she learned the letter “D”

A couple of years ago, Lily and her friend taught each other to read and write in Finnish. They would write notes to each other, make puzzle books filled with word puzzles and write stories and annotate pictures. She learned to read pretty well in Finnish and was also doing pretty well with reading English (despite it being a silly language with spelling that makes no sense). Since moving to Hungary her Hungarian reading has excelled. She comes home from the library with a stack of books each week and laps them up. Despite complaining that English is the hardest language that she knows to read in, she read me the bedtime stories last week. Then the other day when I was asking her about what they had been doing in school, she announced "today we learned the letter d".

She learned? Really?

Initially I reminded that she learned "D" about 3 years ago, so she didn't actually learn it in class. But I have reconsidered that. She said "WE learned ...D". If we consider that knowledge emerges collaboratively within a context then perhaps Lily was right; THEY did learn D. Ahh Lily, a natural postmodernist.

On a separate but (vaguely) related note: All vowels are sonorants, as are the speech sounds l and m. Therefore "Liliom" is a name that is made for singing.

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