Saturday, 26 February 2011

Providing some visuals

Gábor descrided a few scenes from our home the other day and I thought I would add some photos of them.

In our family Gábor normaly does the words and I do the images. I am try to breakout of my comfort zone and I would like to encourage Gábor to step out of his too. My friend Gail has an irrational fear that there will be no pictures of her and her son together if she dies and I am starting to develop this fear too. I am almost always the one behind the camera and when Gábor does take a few naps they are generaly pretty awful. Maybe if you took more photos, my love, you would develop some skills as a photographer.

1 comment:

Koivu said...

I try I promise, in fact I have been trying and I will maintain to do so

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