Monday, 7 February 2011

On Blogging

Some reason I feel like I should apologise for the last post. While I like the text (mostly) and genuinely wanted to share it, but somehow it seems out of place, a bit of a cop out. Perhaps it lies in my motivation for posting, I think it was really that I wanted to post something – to keep things moving – but wasn’t sure what to write. A/r/tography has been populating most of my thoughts and so when I sit down to write, I want to write about the understandings I have come to about this methodology about living this kind of inquiry. But that would be like spoilers; like being told the story before you read the book – would it not? So I stop and don’t know what else to write.
But then again, I have played with the idea of using the blog as a “study journal”. I like the idea of study journals, it is important to spend some follow up time reflecting on articles, lectures, seminars etc, raising questions and making connections. However, I have had trouble writing them in the past. I normally need someone (normally Gábor by default) to listen to me as I reflect, comments are helpful but a “hmm” or an “I see” is enough, but a journal just doesn’t give enough response. Perhaps a blog would work, maybe I will get enough response to help me put my thought together (and give Gábor a break from listening to me).
I have also been wondering about comments on blogs, well specifically Gábor’s blog. I often have comment on his posts but he is normally sitting next to me as I read them. I want to make the comment on the blog but I can talk faster than I can type. I try to keep it in, but I can’t. But then I wonder if I should type it anyway, even once I have said it. Is that just odd?, or is it just blogging our dialogue like we blog the events in our like?

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